Quentin Prugnières and Piero Taramasso, Michelin tires manager interview


1° Hello Quentin, can you tell us a little bit about your background at BUD RACING?
Hello everyone, yes of course! I’m 15 years old and I’m from Reunion Island. I joined BUD RACING for the 2019 season… I won the French “Espoirs” Championship, the European vice champion title and finished 4th in the World Championship. Last year I ride in 125 and I won again the title of French Champion (8th in Europe). This year, 3rd change of category in a row with the discovery of the 4 strokes and the 250 category!

2° So you have been French champion in 2 different categories and you are the only rider of the team to have tested (and appreciated!) 2 different tires ?
I have a long experience of this brand because I ride with these tires since 2016, I was still far from thinking joining the BUD RACING team that year! At the time, I had already tested for MICHELIN. I know the Starcross 5 product inside out, from 85 to 250, which is the best for me.

3° So you once again took part in the development of MICHELIN tires. What was the benefit for you?
I enjoy testing, it’s very interesting to talk to the technicians and that’s beneficial for me, the team and of course MICHELIN. From my point of view, the main strength of Starcross 5 is its versatility. These tires have a wide range of use on all surfaces. Finally, it’s also a safety feature that I feel confident with, even when they’re under stress and heavy use.

4° EICMA in 2019 was also a new experience, can you tell us about it?
In 2019, I was invited by MICHELIN to the Milan tradeshow and it was a great experience for me because I’d never been to such an important show before. I was also able to talk to prestigious MICHELIN ambassador drivers like Graham JARVIS, multiple enduro champion, and I even shared autograph sessions with him on their stand. I’m very happy to have had this experience with MICHELIN.

5° The final word?
Of course, I would like to thank MICHELIN. It’s very appreciable to be able to count on such an investment, just like during these tests. I would also like to thank my team and my coach for the confidence they have shown in me.


1° Hello Piero, for those of you who don’t know your very rich career at the highest level of the World competition, can you introduce yourself?
Hello everyone, I’ve been working for the MICHELIN group for more than 30 years. I started out in Italy as a quality technician, then moved on to become a test rider in France and the US. In 2001, I joined the Motorsport department through Formula 1 where I stayed for 6 years. Then came the motorcycle period with Moto GP, Superbike, endurance and then I took over the off road department. Since 2012, I have been in charge of the MICHELIN two-wheel world racing activity, which includes enduro, Moto GP, cross-country, electric motorcycle, trial and rally-raid disciplines.

2° After this itinerary marked out with very nice references and experiences, you are today in Saint d’Angély, the scene of the motocross GPs for many years. Did you know this site and have you had the opportunity in your busy career to work in the motocross environment?
I know the motocross since 2011, I even came to attend 2 Grand Prix here in Saint Jean d’Angély. It’s a unique circuit, fantastic for the fans because it offers almost total visibility and the atmosphere is always excellent.

3° The BUD RACING team is entering its third year of collaboration with MICHELIN, but apart from product testing and development, the team is also working with a company to enhance product benefits since the Starcross 5 tire sold by BUD RACING is the same tire used by the drivers. Is this an asset for MICHELIN?
Our tires are tested by top-level riders in extreme conditions and on all types of surfaces and different temperatures. The feedback from BUD RACING is very valuable to us, because once the product is validated internally, it is then marketed to the end customer, who will then have access to tires developed by top riders. Finally, it is very valuable to be able to count on BUD RACING as a specialist dealer with real expertise. The collaboration is therefore total and covers the entire chain, from development to the general public.

4° You were yesterday at the circuit of Navarrenx. Another track and soil texture, what are the lessons learned from this first day of work with the BUD RACING team?
It is a very different circuit from Saint d’Angély because it is narrower, stony and has a different soil texture. It was a complementary and enriching experience. The service is complete for us! In addition and in a broader way, the expertise of BUD RACING is very useful to us for the return of their riders to test both prototypes, production tires but also the “Bib Mousse”.

5° What are MICHELIN’s core values that can be transposed to the world of racing today?
MICHELIN is a long-established company that is particularly attached to respect for its employees, partners and customers. Group spirit and cohesion are also deeply rooted in our company, to which we must add loyalty. Loyalty that can also be found with our teams and riders, always with the same passion and desire to build over the long term, as is the case here with BUD RACING. Finally, we are also concerned about respecting the environment in many ways because we develop “green” products that respect the planet. In this sense, we have zero-emission factories and we work on mixtures coming from organic and natural culture. This is the direction we are going in today.

6° Finally, you have honored us with your presence, will we see the return of Piero TARAMASSO this on a motocross event when the sanitary conditions will allow us?
Yes of course! Motocross fascinates me, as soon as possible I will be sincerely delighted to return here. The Moto GP absorbs a lot of my time but I intend to free myself as soon as I have the opportunity!

Interview by Fabrice DUFRESNE / Off Course

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