Team Bud Racing 2020 Photo shooting Backstage

Get inside the 2020 Photo shooting of Team Bud Racing 2020 performed a few weeks ago on the famous GP Track of St Jean d’Angely. Our rider Mitchell Harrison, Pierre Goupillon, QuentinPrugnières and Amandine Verstappen had fun under coach Thierry Van Den Bosch advices !
The 2020 Motocross season is coming soon MXGP, European Championship, French Elite, we are all set !!
Video: Julien Chat Adrenafilm
Photos: Vincent Tomasetig
Drone: Doll$ Whip Motion
Thanks again to Moto Club of St Jean d’Angely for welcome and organization.

Quentin Prugnieres access to the Bud Racing School !

When Quentin Prugnieres was admitted into the Bud Racing School, he was not expecting what he is living! He is going from surprise to surprise but his progression and results show that our training methods are the good ones ! Only a few riders will be accepted next year, get your books ready !! lol ;-)