Win at Le Touquet Beach Race, the biggest Sand race in the world !

Already involved in two previous rounds of the French beach races at Magescq and Hossegor, and twice winner, Quentin Prugnières adds another success this weekend as he won the Junior class at the biggest sand Race of the season, the Enduropale du Touquet. With three wins under his belt, Quentin is now focus on the 250 European Championship.

Magescq and Hossegor had no secrets for Quentin Prugnières, as both locations are close to the workshop of team 9MM Energy BUD Racing Kawasaki. But he had a lot to discover at Le Touquet, which is a unique race since now 46 years with about 2500 riders involved and 300.000 spectators !

After Magescq and Hossegor, Quentin add his name to a prestigious list of winners, such as Dylan Ferrandis or Maxime Renaux who were respectively crowned US champion and MX2 World Champion last year.

Three races and three wins, a perfect score for Quentin who is now focus on the European Championship. “It was cool to race these events, and it was great to reach our goal as I won them! The Enduropale was another good one; I was third at the start, but came at the lead before the end of the first lap. Apart two crashes everything went well; in fact I couldn’t read my pit board so I was confused and crash. I was upset to loose time, try to push harder and crash again,” explain Quentin who finally reach his goal in this mass event. “There was much more riders than at the other races, and some of them were not really careful; in the last part of the race I couldn’t avoid one of them who change his line at the last moment. Anyway it was a good preparation for the European championship, where I will try to apply what we did in training.

The 250 European Championship will start next weekend in Mantova (Italy), first one of ten rounds.

Photos credit : CFS (X.Leporcher) / Scott (MX July) / Gold’M Productions

First win of the season ! ( Sunday 2nd May 2021 )

After the second position 15 days ago during the first preparation race, the 9MM Energy Drink Bud Racing Kawasaki team conquier the victory.
This time it was the turn of the elder COENEN (by size, remember that Sacha and Lucas are twins) to “score” very big points winning the overall classification in Talavera on this Sunday, May 2, south of Madrid (4th round of the Elite Spain championship).

A track that all the riders of the Team discovered.

After a smooth qualifying round (2nd place for Sacha, 7th for Lucas), our two young riders had legitimate ambitions of victory for the races. In the first moto, after a start in the 19th position, Lucas finished 5th, but not without having shown some demerit. Sacha led the race from the first lap for 20 minutes with great domination until he was a victim of a small technical incident forcing him to abandon. During the second race, Lucas COENEN showed great aggressiveness on the track to conquer with panache his very first victory in the 125cc category. Sacha finished in 7th position under the chequered flag after two crashes in this round, a ranking that does not reflect his enormous potential. Overall victory for Lucas.

Also, 2 representatives of the Team 9MM Energy Drink Kawasaki were present this time in category MX2 (250cc). Honor to the ladies with a deserved qualification for Amandine 274 VERSTAPPEN who after finishing in 27th place will finish in an honorable 25th position during the race 1 in the middle of the boys (3 women in a track on 40 pilots). During the second race, the Belgian will even occupy for a moment the 15th place then will have to let go at the end of the race.
Better for Quentin 319 PRUGNIERES

The young native of Reunion Island is getting stronger and stronger during this second event in Spain. 7th overall, Quentin will fall during the first start but will go back to the 11th place of the first race (after having obtained the best chrono of the warm-up) and will clearly raise the tone to catch this time a top 5 during the second race.
The last word for Quentin 319 PRUGNIERES : ” I was quite happy with my overall performance even if I didn’t succeed. In the beginning, I was in a good rhythm because I got the 4th fastest time. In the first race, I fell at the start and left in the 40th position, but I came back to finish in the 11th position. In the second race, I was in the first 10 this time and with a good start, I can pretend to be with the leaders. WE satisfying overall !”

Next race : Ernée ( French Elite Championship ) the next 6 June.

Final positive test for Brian Moreau and Bud Racing Kawasaki

Team Bud Racing Kawasaki was involved this weekend in its second pre season event of the season, just one-week prior the opening round of the World Championship in Argentina and once more Brian Moreau was one of the fastest MX2 rider on track.

After Mantova two weeks ago, Lacapelle International was the next stop for the team who unfortunately could only line up Brian Moreau as Brian Hsu suffers a lower back injury while practicing earlier last week.

For his second race of the season Brian Moreau showed again tremendous speed all day to lap within half a second of pole during MX2 qualification. Coming from the sixth to the fourth position in the opening MX2 race, Brian was fighting for a podium result but lost his chances and three positions during the second part of the race. He got a great start in race 2 and pressurised the eventual double winner during the early laps, finally losing his rhythm after several attacks on Watson, fourth strongest MX2 rider last season in the World Championship. The teenager set the second fastest time in this race, but his relative inexperience of world racing came into play during the later stages of each race as he tensed up and slowed to finish sixth. But Brian can fly confidently to the opening GP secure in the knowledge that he has the speed to succeed.

Brian Moreau: “It was a decent day and a good training before the first GP, even if I know that I still have some extra work to do. My speed was good and I was fighting with Watson in the second race but physically I’m not ready yet to keep that speed for the entire race; I posted the second fastest lap time, but later in the race I got stomach cramps. Overall I’m happy with the result as this track is not an easy one; in the Super Final it was difficult against the 450 as they shower us with stones.”

Brian Moreau ends the season with a win in Hossegor

For the Monster Energy Bud Racing Kawasaki Team, the ‘Beach Race’ in Hossegor had a special taste as the 4th round of the French Beach Races series was organised just a few kilometres from the Bud shop. And by winning the Junior class for his last race this season, Brian Moreau offered a nice trophy to the team.

Never this season team Bud Racing met so many fans, as a lot of people came to visit the shop on Friday evening to share some nice time with the team staff and riders. Just a few hours after this party, Brian Moreau was behind the starting gate of the Junior race, for a 90 minutes race on the beach of Hossegor. After his crash at the Paris Supercross Brian was forced to rest during two weeks, and was just back training earlier this week. But it was enough to recover, as he took the lead of the race after three laps and just lost the leadership during a few laps when he stopped to refuel (3 times) and later when he crashed (3 times also!). Ten minutes before the end of the race he took for the last time the advantage and crossed the finish line nearly three minutes ahead of his closest rival! Racing for the first time in his career such a long race, Brian ended the season with a strong success and offers to the team his first win in it’s ‘home race’.

Brian Moreau: “When I came back on the bike this week I didn’t really know what to expect, but the feeling and the speed were OK so Stephane (Dassé) tell me that I could race in Hossegor. I know the beach as I walked there in summer time, but I didn’t know how the racing would be with the usual riders of this Beach series; finally it was a good race for me, event if I crashed three times and felt tired when the race was finished. It’s very nice to win here as there were many friends and partners, it’s nice also for the team and for sure it will be easier to go back training after a win!