Team BUD racing Kawasaki 2019, Back to MX2 GP

An interesting and promising season will see Team BUD Racing Kawasaki back in the MX2 World championship, the Team based in Hossegor France continue on his usual spirit to bring young prospects to the top world motocross level.

For the 2019 season, both Brian, MOREAU and HSU will race the full world motocross MX2 championship and the French Elite MX series aboard the BUD 250 KXF, and a newcomer will join them with Jimmy CLOCHET, already winner of two motos in the french 250 Elite series, he will be in charge to represent the Team colors in the European EMX250 championship and French championships (Elite 450 & National MX1).

Despite their young age and the discovery of the World championship series for Brian Moreau, the riders have serious goals, and we will have to add to the squad the youngsters Quentin PRUGNIERES and Daniela GUILLEN who will both race the European EMX85 & French 85cc series to represent the future. Bringing young riders to the top will stay the line and spirit of BUD racing :

« Our riders are excited to be at he first GP of the season, even if they might need some races to become more familiar with the MX2 world championship and be at their best level. Like every season, the whole Team wants to give his best. We will participate at two pre-season races before the first GP : Mantova / Italy on feb 10th and Lacapelle / France on feb 24th just before flying to Argentina. We hope to get again a friendly and strong support from the Fans to support our riders. To finish, we want to thank warmly our partners and specially the ones who join us recently. The whole BUD RACING KAWASAKI Team hope to see you on the tracks for this exciting season »


Brian Moreau wins Hossegor Beach race

Hossegor is a familiar venue for Brian Moreau, as he is based with his team Bud Racing Monster Kawasaki in this city and this year again he won the round of the Beach Race series for his last race of the season.

Motocross, Supercross and beach races, Brian Moreau is an eclectic rider! After the MX season and two Supercross experiences, he was involved in the fourth round of the Beach race series aboard the same 250 KXF Bud racing. The Bud technicians just put a bigger tank to have a minimum of pit stops, and changed the transmission for this one hour and a half race. Brian took a good start on the beach, but during the first lap he crashed when he went on a soft sandy section losing a couple of seconds and some positions. Coming back second after a few laps he later joined the race leader and passed him before mid race. As his main rival run out of fuel the second part of the race was easier for Brian who controlled the pack to win the race thirty-seven seconds ahead of his closest opponent. It was the last race of the season for team Bud Racing, who will now prepare the MX2 World Championship as Brian Moreau and Brian Hsu will enter the first GP in Argentina on March 10th.

Brian Moreau: “It’s great to win here in Hossegor where the team is based, and also great to win this race for the second year in a row. At the beginning of the race the track was flat and fast, it wasn’t easy to make the difference but later it was rougher and better for me. During the first hour the weather was OK, but then we had a shower and I had to stop in the pits to take new goggles. I came here without any specific preparation, as I did a break after the season but now we won’t stop working and training to prepare next season.”

Final round of the French Elite Championship: Win and podiums !

The final round of the French Elite Championship was a great opportunity for Pierre Goupillon to confirm his good shape as he won his first Elite MX2 race. Team mate Brian Moreau offered a double podium to team Monster Bud Racing Kawasaki, with a third position.

Weather was pretty hot in Castelnau de Levis, but racing conditions were good and early in the morning Brian Moreau got another pole position – the 4th one this season after Bitche, Foolz and Iffendic – while Pierre Goupillon finished runner up in the timed practice session! Unfortunately injured during another race, Brian Hsu was missing this event.

Brian got the holeshot in the first race and was leading the series leader when he slides on one wet part of the track; Boisrame and Goupillon passed him, and when Pierre staled his bike in a corner Brian was back in second position. He finished the race only two seconds behind the race winner, followed in third by Pierre. It’s again a Bud Kawasaki who grabbed the holeshot in the second race, and this time it was Pierre who lead the pack; nobody will catch him, and Pierre won his first MX2 Elite race and also his first overall win! Brian crashed twice in this race but never give up and finished in sixth, fighting with Boisrame until the finish flag. Third of the race Brian ends the French MX season third of the championship for his first season in 250 class, while Pierre finished fifth after missing one round of the series in Bitche.

Pierre Goupillon: “It was a good day, just a shame that I staled the engine in a corner in the first heat as a double win was possible today! I’m happy as I did another good race in the second moto; I got the holeshot and then led the entire race, I show that I have the speed to win in the MX2 class. We worked a lot mentally with Yves (Demaria), and now I’m looking for some other podiums in the European championship.”

Brian Moreau: “A pretty good day with a good result in the practice sessions, but also some mistakes in the races. I got the first holeshot and was leading the race when I crashed, in some places it was easy to make mistakes and I couldn’t do anything when both wheels slides; then I came back second and posted the fastest lap. I did a wheelie at the second start and was in the top ten when I crashed in the first lap; I crashed one more time later, but was able to come back sixth and get another race podium.”

A good week-end in Britany for the Bud riders

The French Elite championship was back in Britany this weekend, and team Monster Bud Racing Kawasaki had a successful weekend as Brian Moreau got his first moto win in Elite 250 class and with their three riders finishing in the top six of this penultimate round of the series.

Dry track, perfect weather, racing conditions were good in Iffendic and early in the morning the Bud Racing riders show their potential in the timed practice period with another pole position for Brian Moreau, a third for Pierre Goupillon and a fourth position for Brian Hsu! At the start of the first race Brian Moreau got the holeshot, followed by the series leader; before mid race Brian did a small mistake and lost the lead, and in the next circulation he found on his way a lapper and lost three more places. Fifth of this race Brian took his revenge in the next one; nearly missing the holeshot as he went wide in the first corner, he again battled with the series leader who finally did a mistake and offered the first position to Brian who won the race and secured a second overall. Racing nearly at home Pierre Goupillon just missed this podium for two points; with two starts around the tenth position Pierre had to find his way in the pack, coming back third and fourth to finish fourth overall. For his second race this season Brian Hsu show strong improvements compared to the first one; eighth in the first heat, he finished fifth in the second one, a great reward for the hard training work.

Next weekend the team will be in Castelnau de Levis (near Albi) for the final round of the championship; Brian Moreau and Pierre Goupillon are currently third and sixth in the standings.

Brian Moreau: “It was a great weekend for me! I got the pole position in the timed practice period and was leading the first race when I made a stupid mistake; then in the next lap a lapper was on my way and I lost time in a rut, losing some positions. Once more I got the best start in the second race, but went too wide in the first corner and Boisrame passed me; we passed each others several times, and finally he did a mistake. I got the leadership, and went to win my first ever MX2 race.”

Pierre Goupillon: “I had a good speed in the timed practice period, but was only tenth at the start of the first race and came back third with the fastest lap time. My second start will be similar, and I came back fourth; I have the speed and the physical condition, I must continue to work on my starts for the comings races.”

Brian Hsu: “I came here after a really good week of training, and I had good feeling. For the races I have to be happy and positive, even if it was a really tough one. I did my best, my arms are getting better and I need to work on some details and it will be OK. We’ll keep improving race by race and keep it real.”