French Supercross Championship: Anthony Bourdon vice champion SX1

Back from the World Championship final in Australia, Anthony Bourdon and the Bud Racing Kawasaki team headed for Lyon for the SX Tour final. The final saw Anthony climb the podium twice, to claim the runner-up spot in the SX1 class.

Back on his 450 Kawasaki after racing in Paris and Melbourne in the 250 class, Anthony quickly found his feet in the cauldron that is Lyon’s Palais des Sports. In contention for the final championship podium prior to this final, Anthony scored precious points on Friday evening when he climbed onto the second step of the podium after a fierce wheel-to-wheel battle with the new French champion. All the signs were green, until a collision at the start of Saturday’s final sent Anthony crashing to the ground! After starting last with Greg Aranda, the two crashed again in their comeback and set the stadium crazy with a superb comeback to the front, with Anthony taking third place in the final corner just 5 seconds from victory.

With 7 podium finishes in the 8 races contested in the premier class of the French supercross championship, Anthony has put in a very fine season to place his Kawasaki and all the sponsors he represents on the championship’s second final step.


The grand finale of the 2023 Supercross World Championship took place in Melbourne Australia on Saturday, November 25. In front of more than 30,000 spectators, on a track conducive to fierce battles in both the 250 and 450 classes, the Bud Racing team riders played the consistency card to end their international season on a high note.
In the SX2 class, Anthony Bourdon enjoyed a solid evening, finishing 7th and 8th in the races. The good news is that Anthony proved he has the speed to be a front-runner, stepping up his game throughout the season. As is often the case, it’s his starts that are preventing him from doing better. He finished 7th overall in Australia and 8th in the final championship standings.

Fighting spirit
Adrien Escoffier, who was also handicapped by poor grid starts, gave his all to come back in 14th, 9th and 12th place in SX2. His fighting spirit in spite of a complicated start to the heats enabled him to finish 12th overall. In the championship, he finished one place better, in 11th position, despite a “blank” round in Cardiff which prevented him from entering the top 10.

In the SX1 category, Cédric Soubeyras got off to some good starts throughout the evening, finding himself in the right spot on three occasions. He had a fine evening, finishing 6th, 7th and 9th in the races, finishing not only 7th overall but also 7th in the World Championship in the 450 class.

With his pace improving session after session, Justin Hill finished 12th, 9th and 8th in his heats to finish 10th in the event. In the championship, he finished 5th in the provisional standings after Abu Dhabi, a successful gamble for Justin, who retained this 5th position after the final round. With hard work, positivity and good humour the watchwords of this end-of-season review, the Bud team thanks its partners and congratulates all its riders.

Anthony Bourdon: “I’m ending this World Supercross Championship on a high note. It’s not quite the result I’d hoped for, but it’s not bad. The speed is there. Now I’ve got to improve my starts to get to the front. Thanks to Bud Racing for believing in me in this new category. It’s a pleasure to work with a smile on my face alongside this always cheerful team.

Adrien Escoffier: “My poor qualifying throughout the year is a huge handicap for the evening rounds. It’s a big point to work on if we’re to hope for better results. My withdrawal from the very 1st round of the championship also prevents me from finishing in the top 8. You have to learn to take the positives out of each event, and the WSX experience remains incredible, both humanly and from a sporting point of view. I’d like to thank Bud Racing for giving me this opportunity for the 2nd year in a row. It’s a real pleasure to work with this motivated team, which instils good humour. These are unforgettable moments of sharing.

Cédric Soubeyras: “I’m pleased with my performance in the last two rounds. I finished 7th in the championship, which isn’t too bad considering the first round I missed. I’ve had a great year with the Bud Racing team and I hope to be back for another year, because I love introducing people from all over the world to my sport“.

Justin Hill: “Keeping my 5th place overall in the championship was my goal this weekend and it’s achieved. It was my first year in the WSX championship and I really enjoyed traveling the world while doing my passion and my job. I’d like to thank the Bud Racing Kawasaki team for all their hard work this season.

Anthony Bourdon on the podium at Paris SX!

Celebrating this year it’s 40th edition, the Paris Supercross allowed Anthony Bourdon to get his first ever podium in the French capital, with a super third position which gives a great exposure to the Bud Racing Team and its partners.

Having successfully completed the years since the first edition organized in March 1984, the Paris Supercross has behind it a long and superb history and the team has always been attached to this event. This 2023 edition did not look the best for us with the withdrawal due to injury of Matt Moss, who was ‘Prince of Paris’ last year but very quickly Anthony Bourdon bring back smiles in the team as he was one of the strongest men in this SX2 class. Feeling more and more comfortable throughout the practice sessions and races, Anthony missed the final podium of the first evening by a small point. On Sunday he finished the practice sessions just six tenths from pole position, so everyone knew that it could be a great evening for him! On the podium of the first race he never give up in the second and fight with Tom Vialle for victory, a victory he got with a strong move in the last corner of the last lap! Once again on the podium in the final race with a third place, Anthony finished this evening in second position and took third place in the ‘Prince of Paris’ rankings. A result which will give him more confidence before flying to Australia, where the final of the World Championship will be played next weekend.

Involved in the SX1 class, Josh Hill got injured and after doing his best on Saturday (9/9/13) he didn’t race on Sunday.

Anthony Bourdon: “An incredible weekend for me in Paris, in front of an enthusiast public! It was great to win this race and to battle with Tom Vialle, we race together when we were younger and it was cool to be racing with him. Very happy with my results, we did some good improvements on the bike. When Stéphane suggest me to ride a 250 I took up the challenge and that’s pretty good; I needed some time to adapt, but now I have fun on this bike and it’s great for all the team to get a good result in Paris.”

Stéphane Dasse: “Matt Moss was supposed to defend his title with us but after his injury we didn’t really know what to expect from this edition, but Anthony rose to the challenge brilliantly! We knew he was able to do good things, and we were pleased to see him fighting with the best guys to get a podium; he was consistent on Saturday, he was even better on Sunday and it was great to see him fighting up in front and get this victory. We had a lot of guests this weekend, we are on the podium, a great edition of the Paris Supercross! »


The 2nd round of the 2023 Supercross World Championship took place in Abu Dhabi, in the heart of the Etihad Arena, on Saturday November 4. After an encouraging start to the season for the Bud Racing team, Justin Hill, Cédric Soubeyras, Anthony Bourdon and Adrien Escoffier were eagerly awaiting their departure for the capital of the United Arab Emirates. On a European-standard track, starting out in front was essential.

In the SX2 class, Anthony had a good start of the day with a pole position in timed qualifying. Unfortunately, a poor start in the qualifying heat was determined the rest of his day. Condemned to start on the 2nd row in each of the finals, Anthony finished 17th, 14th and then 8th, to take 14th place overall, reflecting neither his speed nor his potential.

For Adrien Escoffier, things were relatively similar. Also starting from the 2nd row, a lack of aggressiveness prevented him from achieving his objectives, respectively 12th, 13th and 12th in the three finals. In the provisional standings, Anthony is 13th, while Adrien is currently 15th. Both will have to fight hard in the final round if they want to enter the championship top 10.

In the SX1 class, Justin Hill came 4th in the provisional rankings for this Abu Dhabi event. Determined to stay at the top of the standings, our American rider suffered from a lack of rhythm. His podium ambitions gave way to a 7th position overall, and Justin dropped back to 5th in the provisional standings. In the end, the weekend’s best performance went to Cédric Soubeyras.

Positive results
Fast and solid, Cédric was in the best group of riders in each final to finish 2nd, 6th and 5th respectively. Over the three finals, he finished in 5th place, same points with 4th-placed Ken Roczen, missing out on the podium by just 2 points. His performance was more than encouraging, and the balance very positive. Whether it’s a question of staying the course for some or rolling up their sleeves for others, the goal of shining in the final in Australia is common to all. See you in Melbourne on November 24 and 25.

Cédric Soubeyras : “It was a positive weekend. In the first final, I took advantage of Friese’s disqualification to finish in 2nd place, even though I was 3rd under the chequered flag. In the end, I missed out on the podium by just 2 points. I’d like to thank the team for all their support and good humour every day”.

Anthony Bourdon : “The day started good, with me taking pole position in the overall SX2 standings. I then missed my start in the qualifying heat and found myself on the 2nd row for the finals. In these conditions, I once again missed my starts and then failed to make my mark on a track where you had to be aggressive and overtake quickly. I’m learning and I’ll come back better, that’s for sure”.

Adrien Escoffier : “My poor qualifying run conditioned the rest of my day, as I found myself starting from the 2nd row. I then lacked the aggressiveness to overtake during the heats. We look forward to Melbourne. A big thank you to the Bud Racing team and see you in Australia in 3 weeks’ time, when we’ll have to pull out all the stops”.

Justin Hill : “After a long break since the SMX in the United States, I arrived in Abu Dhabi with a lack of riding that penalized me for performing as well as I did in England. I enjoyed the event all the same, and it was nice to discover a new country and introduce supercross to new fans who were really behind us”.

Stéphane Dassé : “This second event in Abu Dhabi came as a great surprise to me, with a crowd that was new to supercross but super enthusiastic. The modern stadium reminded me of the Bercy supercross. We just regreat that we missed the 450 podium for two points with Cedric Soubeyras who rode amazingly well in Abu Dhabi. I hope to be back there next year, and in the meantime I’ll see you at the legendary Paris supercross on November 18 and 19″.

Quentin Marc Prugnières narrowly misses the podium in Sweden Cédric Soubeyras won the Air Contest at Magescq

It has been a busy period for the team, involved during the weekend in the Swedish round of the EMX250 in Sweden and on Monday at the famous ‘Air Contest’ at the Bud Racing Training Camp. Quentin Marc Prugnières missed the podium in Sweden, but Cédric Soubeyras and Anthony Bourdon were both on the box at Magescq!

Quentin posted an impressive third place in the first moto on Saturday afternoon in Sweden as only lapped riders spoilt his challenge for victory. He was the fastest rider on track during the first fifteen minutes as he advanced from fourth to second and he continued his charge to pull back the five-second gap to the leader entering the final two laps. However lapped riders were becoming an ever-greater problem and the Kawasaki rider was hampered so badly that they cost him second during a frustrating final lap. Persistent rain showers overnight and throughout the morning made the Uddevalla track extremely slippery for the second moto on Sunday and Quentin crashed at the start; being dead last at the first corner, he was already nineteenth after one lap and he pushed all moto to eventually finish eighth. The combination of the two motos saw him classified fourth overall over the weekend, on the same scoreline as third, but he missed the podium on the second moto tie-break.

Benjamin Garib made a return to action from injury for the French team. The Chilean raced to an impressive ninth in Saturday’s first moto and was looking at a top-six finish overall as he held eighth in the muddy second moto until he was forced out in the closing stages.

On Monday evening the best French Supercross riders were at the Bud Racing Training Camp, and the fans were there for the second edition of the Air Contest at this location. Once more Cédric Soubeyras was on fire, winning the three races while teammate Anthony Bourdon finished three times on the box, in third position.

The EMX250 is back to action this weekend at Arnhem (The Netherlands)

Quentin Marc Prugnières: « My start was good on Saturday and I could make some quick passes to come second; then I reduced the gap to the leader until we caught the lappers. It was so difficult to pass them that in the end Bonacorsi caught and passed me so I finished third. Anyway it was a good moto even if it’s a little frustrating as I know that I could have been first or second. I crashed at the start of the second race this morning when two riders hit me, and then I had to come back from dead-last to eighth. It’s not the result I was expecting, but my riding was good and I’m happy with that. Now we must continue to work to secure some podiums in the next few rounds of the series; I was so close here in Sweden.”

Benjamin Garib: “My shoulder’s feeling good again and I’ve been back riding for about a month. I flew back into Europe last week and I was excited to race my first EMX. I didn’t really know what to expect but I was happy with my speed; I got ninth yesterday and was running ninth again today. The conditions were tough today but I could stay on two wheels and focus on myself. Now I’m hungry for more and I’m looking forward to Holland next week.”