Strong Russian performances and a third French title for the team

Team Rockstar Bud Racing Kawasaki continues his trip to East those past weeks, and after Latvia the entire squad, including Valentin Teillet back from his collarbone injury, moved to Semigorje to celebrate the comeback of the series in Russia, while David Herbreteau secured the 85cc French national title.

Once more the rain affected the qualifying races, and for everyone it was a tough Saturday as riders struggled on a muddy layout while mechanics had even more work than usual. Dylan was pretty unlucky as he stalled his engine in the first corner and lost much time to restart in last position; the track was muddy and slippery but he never gave up and came back fifteen, just behind his teammate Valentin who had a bad start and then did his best for his comeback.

On Sunday morning everyone was happy to see the sun back for the day, and a strong attendance of excited 45000 Russian fans along the track. Dylan started mid pack in the first heat, coming eighth and showing once more that he is learning rapidly in his first full season of GP racing. His second race was more difficult with two crashes despite of a perfect start where he was in 2nd place; but after his crashes he was relegated in sixteenth place he came back eleventh and consolidates his ninth place in the championship. For Valentin who came there mainly to train it was a very good GP, and he put up a gutsy performance on his return to racing from injury. Coming back from eighteenth to eleventh in race one, he confirmed later with a twelfth position that he will be soon back at his best level to fight for the podium.

While his teammates went to Russia, our youngest rider David Herbreteau secured in France the 85cc French National title, winning again and offering to his Rockstar Bud Racing Kawasaki team his third French title this season. David will enter of course the main round of the 85 European series in England, at mid august in Matterley Basin

Dylan Ferrandis: “I felt good on the track in practice, but it rained for the qualifying race and I stalled the engine in the first corner. I recovered to finish fifteenth so that was not too bad for the choice of gate. Today was dry and sunny and that was great and I battled with Tonus and Osborne for most of the first race to finish eighth. I got out of the gate second in race two but Van Horebeek cut across my line and I lost a few places; afterwards I crashed twice, but I had some good lap times to finish 8th overall of the day.”

Valentin Teillet: “For a comeback ride it was not so bad, even if on Saturday it was pretty difficult for me with the mud. I knew that I was not really ready for racing at this level as I only rode one time before I came here, but the goal was to finish both races and I did it. My first start was bad but I came back through to finish eleventh, and in the second one I inevitably felt tired but still scored a twelfth position. That was a good first step in my comeback and I can be happy with the result; but for sure I will expect more in the next GPs!”

Jacky Vimond: “It was a good day for both riders. Dylan did two strong races on this demanding track, especially the second one: after his crashes he was able to find again a good rhythm and he shows a good speed. Concerning Valentin it was more a training session for him as he didn’t practice so much since his injury, and we were not expecting so good results today, that’s promising for the next events.”

Two top five for Teillet and Ferrandis

Team Rockstar Bud Racing Kawasaki came back from Portugal GP with two top five results for Valentin Teillet and Dylan Ferrandis, but unfortunately none had been able to finish both heats due to racing incidents. In France Livia Lancelot got another triple win, and had not been defeated in the women series!

Valentin Teillet had a great qualifying race on Saturday, as he holeshot the race to score a strong fifth position right behind the leaders of the series. The track was different on Sunday as it didn’t stopped raining during the night, but once more Valentin shows his ability and scored another fifth position in 1st moto. Unfortunately his unlucky season with injury continued in the first turn of the second heat; the energetic Frenchman was involved in a pile-up and suffered a broken left collarbone to end his day’s racing. Valentin will miss at least the Belgian and Swedish GP’s.

After a good qualifying session, Dylan Ferrandis was in the top ten of the first race after a few laps when he got a stone in his rear brake disk and had to retire prematurely. He grabbed the holeshot in the second GP moto, and defied the discomfort of the wrist injury he had suffered one week earlier in France to maintain fourth place to the chequered flag. Dylan equalled his best ever race result – he got a fourth during the first race in Mexico – and is currently tenth in the standings before the Belgian GP this weekend.

Valentin Teillet: “I had a good qualifying race, as I got the holeshot and finished fifth after leading during three laps. In the first race I was happy to finish fifth again, and was expecting another good result in the second race, but at the start we all crashed when Roelants pushed me wide; unfortunately I felt on my left shoulder and broke my collarbone. It’s so frustrating to have another injury, especially as the accident wasn’t my fault.”

Dylan Ferrandis: “I had a good start in the first race and was running ninth when I got a stone in the rear brake disc; the disc was damaged, and I had to retire. I grabbed the holeshot in the second race, but Herlings and Searle passed me already on the first lap; later I only lost one more place to finish fourth position. This was a good result as the wrist which I injured last week was painful during the second half of the race.”

Valentin scored his best GP result at his home Grand Prix

Team Rockstar Bud Racing Kawasaki spent a good weekend in St Jean d’Angely, home of the French Grand Prix, despite the injury of Dylan Ferrandis who didn’t entered the sunday races. Many fans, partners and sponsors came to visit the French squad in the paddock, and with a sixth position in the MX2 class Valentin got his best result of the season in an incredible atmosphere.

On Saturday the team got his best result during the pre qualifying session, as Valentin and Dylan posted the second and third lap times behind the Championship leader! Valentin got a good start and secured a fourth place for the races, while Dylan crashed twice and ended the race with a painful wrist. Further exams revealed some damages to the cartilage, and Dylan had to watch the races.

After suffering terribly bad luck with injuries since the opening GP Valentin Teillet took his Kawasaki to sixth place overall in his home GP to augur well for the rest of the season. Supported by many fans, Valentin did a great race in the first moto; he came in third position after fifteen minutes, was passed by Searle and finally scored a fifth position after a small crash. His second heat was more difficult, as he crashed in the waves section during the opening lap; ninth of the race, he got his best result of the season.

Valentin Teillet:After my injuries I haven’t been able to race so much and couldn’t practice correctly for several weeks, so it was physically demanding for me this weekend but I reached my goal with two correct results. It’s such a great feeling to finish two motos again, particularly in front of my home crowd; it was incredible to get so much support from the fans, I could hear them while riding my bike! Sixth place overall was a great result and it could have been better if I had not had one small crash in each race.”

Dylan Ferrandis: “I had my best pre-qualifying session of the season with the third best time, so I had a good gate for the qualifying race. My start was also good and I was in sixth place after several corners, but another rider hit me and forced me to crash. I carried on but then the front wheel slipped away in a fast corner and crashed again. I felt pain in my wrist and the team and I decided that I should not race until I have had a thorough examination on Monday.”

Stephane Dassé: “This weekend was pretty good for us, and Valentin had two strong races even if he is not fit due to his injuries. It’s a shame that Dylan got injured, he was so fast on this track; we took together the decision to skip the races, he will have more exams this week and we’ll see if he can race in Portugal. We met many people this weekend in the paddock, as always at the French Grand Prix, and it was a pleasure to see such a great atmosphere around the track.”

Dylan Ferrandis 8th in the World MX2

Dylan Ferrandis was in Brazil the single representative of the Rockstar Bud Racing Kawasaki team, as Valentin Teillet suffered from a wrist injury contracted one week ago in Mexico. With two finishes in one of the most difficult race we ever saw, Dylan consolidates his eighth position in the MX2 World Championship.

What a great organization was this Brazilian GP! Unfortunately heavy rain in the night ruined the track, and the red surface was really slippery and sticky for the races!

After a difficult qualifying session on Saturday, Dylan Ferrandis had the worst position on the grid but twice he came among the top twelve in the opening lap of each race. Racing for the first time in such treacherous conditions, Dylan had moved into the top ten of the opening moto until he was struck on the eye by a stone; the resultant adverse effect on his vision caused him to crash, but the teenager rebounded to finish eleventh in race two.

Valentin Teillet tried to compete on Saturday, but found the discomfort from the wrist he injured the previous weekend in Mexico too great and withdrew from the event before racing. He will be next weekend in Gaillac Toulza for the last round of the French Elite series, to defend his leadership on the MX2 class.

In the same time, David Herbreteau and Livia Lancelot have won an other national French 85cc & Women championship race this week-end and continue to lead their own championship easily.

Dylan Ferrandis: “It was the first time that I rode on a track as muddy as this, and I had a bad position on the grid so my starts were pretty difficult. I was tenth in the first race when a stone hit me in one eye; I tried to carry on but it was irritating me and caused me to crash. The second race was a little bit better, but I can’t be happy with an eleventh position.” 

Valentin Teillet: “I had several examinations after Mexico and nothing is broken in my wrist, so I wanted to try to ride here. I did several laps on Saturday, but it was too painful and as we have the final round of the French Elite next weekend we decided not to race the GP; I’m currently leading the Elite series, and we want to get the title.”

Dylan Ferrandis in the top four!

Team Rockstar energy Bud Racing Kawasaki travelled to Guadajara this weekend for the first ever Grand Prix of Mexico, round four of the World Championship. It was a mixed day for the team who was pleased with a fourth position in race one for Dylan Ferrandis, but was sad when Valentin Teillet crashed hard in this heat while he was fighting with the leaders.

Despite the hot temperatures reigning on the hillside track at an altitude of nearly 1700m, the racing conditions were pretty good on Sunday after intensive work from the promoters to control the dust. On this rough track Valentin Teillet made a sensational return to GP action in race one, as he maintained pressure on the leading duo for half of the first race; fourth at mid period, he crashed later in the waves section and had to go for a check-up on a painful wrist. GP rookie Dylan Ferrandis then took up the challenge, and in a sensational final lap stormed from sixth to fourth for his best GP result to date. He had high expectations of yet another top finish in race two, but a crash at the first corner and another one lap later when a local rider lost control and jumped into him forced his early retirement.

In the same time, the young David Herbreteau was winning the 85cc european championship round in Slovenie aboard his 85 KX.

Dylan Ferrandis: “I didn’t make a good start in the first race but I kept pushing, and on the last lap I was able to pass Tixier and Roelants to finish fourth.  I was delighted with that result and was optimistic for the second race. I got a great start this time, but in the first corner I slid out and crashed at the first corner; I damaged the throttle so I had to stop at the pits for repairs, and then a Mexican backmarker threw his bike at me and my race was over.”

Valentin Teillet: “I’m frustrated with this injury, and the worst thing is for sure that I was not at all riding over the limits. I had a good start in race one, and was riding safe as the track was dangerous in some places. When Searle passed me I didn’t tried to follow him and focused on my fourth position, but in the waves sections I don’t remember what happened when I crashed. I went to the hospital for exams and they didn’t detect any failure, but my left wrist is painful.”

 Jacky Vimond: “Another strange weekend for us, as we laugh some time and cry later. The riders were fast on Saturday, and both prepared very well this GP. We arrived on Tuesday in Mexico, so everyone was used to the weather and in the first race both had a good start. Valentin was following the top three riders when he crashed in a tough section, let’s hope that his injury is not too serious. Dylan rode strong, he was not in the top ten but came back fourth after passing two riders in the last lap! It will give him even more confidence for the next GP’s, and we’re happy for him.”