The Coenen brothers leads the French Junior

Team 9MM Energy Drink BUD Racing Kawasaki was on different tracks this weekend, with the third round of the French Elite at Castelnau de Levis and the first round of the Women World Championship in Czech Republic. Once again our colours shine on a podium with Lucas and Sacha Coenen.

Women first, with Amandine Verstappen who already won all the rounds of the French championship this year – in fact she never lost a moto in France since 2019 – before traveling with her father to Loket. Back on this typical track she posted good laps in qualifying and improved her results in the races with a fourth and a sixth; fifth overall, only three points from the podium, she will race her home GP next week at Lommel.

At Castelnau de Levis Lucas and Sacha Coenen had good timed practice periods, with a pole for Sacha in group A and a second position for Lucas in group B. Lucas grabbed the holeshot and lead the first moto until a lapper crash in front of him! Nowhere to go, and Sacha was the new leader while his brother recovers in third position on the finish line; after the race the first three riders got penalised, and lost five positions. That didn’t affect too much our riders, who dominate the second moto; Lucas won the race seven seconds ahead of his brother, and twenty-five ahead the third rider of this moto. Classified second (Lucas) and third (Sacha) overall, they are leading the series with just one point between Sacha (he keeps the red plate) and Lucas before the next round this weekend at Romagne.

In the MX2 class it was a ‘discovery day’ for Hakon Fredriksen, who race for the first time on the hard pack of Castelnau de Levis. Eighth in his qualifying group our Norwegian had a strong opening moto as he came back from tenth to fifth, just losing a few positions during the last laps to cross the finish line in eighth. His second race will be stronger, coming back from seventeenth to sixth for sixth overall. It was a tougher day for Quentin Prugnières who hit his knee in a practice crash, in both races he was able to find his way for a top ten after the start, but after one lap he was dead last in the first race as he stalled his engine in a corner; back in thirteenth place, he retires early in race two due to technical problem.
Next weekend our 125 riders will be at Romagne for the fourth round of the French Junior, while Amandine and our 250 riders will be at the Belgium MXGP at Lommel.

Amandine Verstappen: “I couldn’t find a clear lap during Qualifying so I was only eighth behind the gate but I’m always better in a race than in a timed practice session. My first start was good and I was fighting for the third position for most of the race, but the track had changed since the practice session and at one point my feeling with the suspensions wasn’t so good. We worked on the settings for the second race but my start was not as good as the first one and for two or three laps I wasn’t riding as I usually can but I finished sixth for fifth overall. The positions are tight in the standings, and I feel that we are now six to eight girls who are capable of scoring podium results. This week I’ll go riding with the team on sandy tracks; I know Lommel and I’m confident for this round. »

Sacha Coenen: “The free practice wasn’t so good, but I did a good lap in the timed practice session. I was second at the start of the first race, but I did a few mistakes and was third after the opening lap; then I came back second, and when my brother crash I got the lead and won the race. The track was better for me in race two; I was 5th or 6th in the first corner, and came second during the first lap; I couldn’t close the gap with Lucas, but got another podium result.”

Lucas Coenen: “Practice sessions were not so good for me, but I manage to finish second in the timed practice session. I got the holeshot in the first race and was leading the moto until a lapper crashed in front of me, I crash also and finish the race third. I got another good start in the second race, was second in the first corner and came first after a few seconds; it was a good race, I didn’t do any mistake and it was good to win this race, a good weekend for me.”

The Coenen brothers dominate the French Junior at Elite championship

The French Elite Championship was back in action this weekend at Rauville la Place, where Sacha and Lucas Coenen were racing the 125cc junior class, once more the fastest riders as they finish first and second for team 9MM Energy Drink BUD Racing Kawasaki.

Coming to Normandy leading the series after their performance at Ernée, Lucas and Sacha Coenen dominate once more their rivals; they won all the motos so far, and share the wins again!
Fastest rider in his qualifying group, Sacha didn’t got the holeshot in the first moto but after a few corners he was leading and no one was able to put some pressure on him. He was the fastest on track and won the race twenty-two seconds ahead of his closest rival! Again leader of the second moto, Sacha made a mistake just before a jump and offers the leadership to Lucas, who had a tough opening moto as he had to come back from a bad start in third position. With this second win this season Lucas finish second overall, losing the red plate for two points; Sacha will have the red plate next weekend at Castelnau de Levis for round #3 of the series.

Haakon Fredriksen and Quentin Prugnières didn’t had such a good weekend as their young teammates, in the Dutch sands at Oss for the second round of the EMX250 championship. Qualified in third (Haakon) and seventh (Quentin) position of their group, both riders were unfortunate at the start of the first race as they were involved in a collective crash. Losing so much time to restart they came back twelfth (Haakon) and twenty-one (Quentin), expecting a better result in race two. It was a short one for Quentin who was forced to retire after one lap; outside the top ten at the start Haakon came back strongly in fith position and was chasing some rivals when he crashed pretty hard in the waves section. No injury, but enough pain to retire as the bike hit him on the ground.

Sacha: “I had a good weekend in Rauville, since the first practice session I had a good feeling with the bike and the track, which was well prepared. I was the fastest rider in my qualifying group, then at the first start I wheelie and was only third in the first corner, but then took the lead in the third one. I had fun during the entire race, with a good rhythm. In the second heat I had a better start in second position, came first in the second corner and made a little gap with my brother; then I did a few mistakes and crashed, and managed to do my best among the lappers. One win and one second position, it was a good weekend.

Lucas: “As I couldn’t train as usual due to my wrist injury contracted in UK, I rode tight in the practice sessions and couldn’t find a clear lap to do better than fifth of my group in the timed practice period. My first start was average, mid pack, and I struggle with pain in my arms so I could come back only third behind Cazal. My second start was much better as I was second after a few corners; I had a good feeling, stay a few seconds behind Sacha, and when he crashes I got the lead and won the race. It was a good day for us and for the team.

Sacha confirms, Lucas scores in EMX125

This weekend only the Coenen brothers were racing for team 9MM Energy Drink BUD Racing Kawasaki, at Maggiora (Italy) for the second round of the European 125 Championship. Sacha was twice on the virtual podium of the races but he was not really rewarded of his investment, while Lucas score his first European points.

Maggiora is an ‘old style’ track, with steep drops, back in the World Championship five years after a great MX of Nations. As soon as he went on track Sacha had a good feeling, and he posted the fastest lap time in the free practice session and the second one in the timed practice period. His first start was good in fourth, and he was in third position with three laps to go when he had an impressive crash on a big downhill. Shocked but not injured he was behind the gate for the second race, and got the holeshot! He lost a few positions in the confusion of the first corners but once more came back second and was ready to attack the leader when his rear wheel slipped! Back on track in eighth position after this crash Sacha finishes the race at this position, but proves again that he is a potential winner in this competitive class. Lucas didn’t felt as comfortable as his brother in the practice session, still suffering from his painful arm after the race incident in UK. Only twenty sixth behind the gate, which is not the best position to get a good start, Lucas was nineteenth at the beginning of the opening moto and came back eleventh to score his first points of the season. He will not have the opportunity to add some more points in race two, as another rider hit him after the second start; last of the race he came back at the worst position as twenty-one didn’t give you any point. Our riders will rest and train next weekend, and will be in different places on July 24th; our 125 kids will race the French championship in Rauville la Place, and our 250 rider will be in Oss (Netherlands) for the second round of the EMX250.

Sacha: “Practice sessions were OK with the pole position of my group in the free practice period and later the second position very close from the pole. My first start was good but I lost some positions in the first corners; I was back in third position when I had this big crash, but I could regroup for the second moto. I got another good start as I got the holeshot, but after two corners I was in third position; then I came back second, and was right behind the leader when my rear wheel slides. I crashed, struggle to be back on track and scores an eight position. The track was nice, very technical; I have the speed, the physical condition, all what you need to race for podiums.

Lucas: “The first round in UK was not so good for me as another rider hit me, I had a lot of pain in my arm but after a test on the bike on Wednesday we saw that it was possible to race in Italy. Practice sessions were not so good for me, I rode stiff and was only thirteenth of my group so my gate pick was not good. My first start was not so bad but I was outside in the first corner, and then I was able to come back eleventh. My second start was better but another rider hit me and we crashed in the first corner; I was last, had another little crash and came back twenty-one. I need to be better in the timed practice session, to have a better gate pick as the start is one of the key of the race.

Impressive return for Hakon Fredriksen in England, Hakon and Sacha Coenen already in the top 5 of the EMX championships

Hakon Fredriksen & Sacha Coenen claimed fifth overall for 9MM Energy Drink BUD Racing Kawasaki in the opening round of the FIM European EMX250 & EMX125 Championship at Matterley Basin in England.

Just three months after breaking both wrists in a training crash the Norwegian showed tremendous spirit to display podium pace all day. He had only been able to ride three times since his injuries before arriving in England but immediately posted second fastest time during his morning Qualifying group and used his speed through the waves section during the opening moto to advance from his initial sixth position to third within five laps. He surrendered one position late in the race as his lack of bike-time took its toll to finish fourth but had damaged the silencer in a clash with a rival and was subsequently classified ninth after the post-race noise-test. Undaunted by the disappointment he rebounded to advance forcefully to second place on the opening lap of race two but dropped two positions during the next ten minutes to again take the chequered flag fourth and claim fifth overall on the day.

Class rookie Quentin Prugnières, who recently turned sixteen years of age, showed that he can learn quickly in the highly-competitive EMX250 series as he advanced with determination from seventeenth on the opening lap of moto two to secure his eventual thirteenth place by lap eight of twelve. The youngster had been eliminated early in the opening moto when holding sixteenth position.
In the 125 class Sacha Coenen posted the second fastest lap in the timed practice period, and was a podium contender after the first race, as he scores a third position after a strong race. His second start wasn’t that good, and after four laps he was back in sixth position when the race was red flagged due to an accident. As the race director definitively stopped the race, Sacha is fifth overall with a third and a eight position. Unfortunately, Lucas had to retire early in the first heat as he had a painful wrist after a race incident with another rider; he will not start the second moto, but will be back next week in Italy for the second round of the EMX125.

Hakon Fredriksen: “The day started off good with Qualifying; I was finding some good lines and got two pretty good starts. I was struggling a little with my arms after three months off the bike but my speed was good. I have only been with the team in France for one week to test the bike and start riding again so two fourth-placed finishes is pretty good as I am two to three months behind the other guys in my preparation. It’s tough but I have been working hard and we now have three weeks to the next round in Oss. And that race is in sand which is my strength so I look forward with optimism to the rest of the series.

Quentin Prugnières:My starts were good in both motos but there was a lot of confusion through the opening corners of race one and in the second moto I had to brake already before the first turn when other riders cut my line. I was around twentieth after a few corners but I had some good battles during the entire race; we were always fighting so it was difficult to chose the best lines and take a good rhythm but I was able to come back to thirteenth in my first experience in the EMX250. I want to keep the positive points from the day; last year I didn’t qualify here in the EMX125 but today I was in the top ten of my qualifying group and had the speed to score points.


After many weeks of training and a couple of races in Spain earlier this year, the MX season finally start for team 9MM Energy Drink Bud Racing Kawasaki who won two rounds of the French Championship, in Ernée (Juniors class) and Plomion (Women series).

More than 300 riders were in Ernée for the first round of the French Elite, and the sun was there so racing conditions were perfect on such a nice track. The team was involved in the Junior and MX2 classes, and it’s in the Junior class that they celebrate wins as the Coenen brothers dominate both races. Winning both one race and scoring a second position in the other one, Sacha and Lucas were tight in the points but as he won the second moto it’s Lucas who got the red plate as leader of the series. Lucas had a tough opening moto, coming back from sixteenth to second but crossing the finish line more than 40 seconds behind Sacha who dominates the race. In the second heat Lucas had a great start and won ahead of Sacha, with the third rider forty seconds behind the winner

For Quentin Prugnières this race was the first one in the MX2 class against many GP riders, who come there to prepare the Russian GP. Eighth in his qualifying group, Quentin confirmed his ability on the 250 during the first race, with a eighth position. The second moto was different as he hit another rider who crashed in front of him; nearly last when he was back in the race, Quentin came back seventeenth. If we consider only the riders who do the French series, he ends his first Elite race fourth overall.
Quentin, Lucas et Sacha will be on June 26th in Great Britain for the opening round of the European Championships.

Amandine Verstappen was not in Ernée, but she was in Plomion for the first race of the Women championship. It was a perfect day for her, as she was the fastest in the timed practice period, got both holeshot and won both races! The holeshot was important to avoid stones, and with this double win Amandine will be the woman to beat once again next weekend in Huismes for the second round of the series.