French Elite Championship Top six results to launch the season

As Lacapelle Marival was cancelled two weeks ago, team Bud Racing Kawasaki was doing its first race of the season at Basly, first round of the French Elite Championship.

After weeks of training and preparation, Basly was finally the first event of the year for the team and the first race this season for Benjamin Garib and Mathis Valin. Track conditions were muddy on Sunday morning due to the rain, but Mathis had a good feeling with the track as he posted the second fastest lap of his group while Benjamin finished tenth. As the rain stopped the track conditions were better for the first moto, even if it was a muddy one; Benjamin got a top ten finish with and eighth position, while Mathis couldn’t do better than twelfth. Both rebounded in the second moto; Mathis got the holeshot and led the race during six laps to finish runner up, while Benjamin came back from seventh to third of the moto, and was classified fifth overall one position ahead of Mathis.

This weekend the team will be at Madrid for the first round of the 250 Motocross European Championship.

Mathis Valin: “Different conditions in both races, some little problems in the first one where my riding was not so good, and then in the second one I was leading several laps to finish second! Track conditions were rough, thanks to the club for what they do on the track and after this first pre season race I feel ready for the opening round of the European 250 next weekend.

Benjamin Garib: “It was ok, not my favourite conditions this morning with the mud but the track came better for the second moto. The track was a lot dryer and I felt more comfortable and got a third in the second moto. Just happy, we keep pushing and building for the next couple of races

Team Bud Racing Kawasaki all around the world in 2024

With three riders, the French team will compete in four different championships in 2024: the French Supercross and Motocross championships, the EMX250 European Motocross Championship, and the WSX World Supercross Championship.

As usual, Team Bud Racing has again this year taken under its wing a young French talent, Mathis Valin (17 yo), who already has a fine list of achievements to his credit, including Junior World Champion, EMX125 European vice-champion and 2023 French Junior Champion.

At the age of 17, Mathis will join the big boys and take part in the French Elite MX2 championship as well as the European EMX250 championship, just like his team-mate, the young Chilean Benjamin Garib, who is back for a second year on his Kawasaki 250. Both will be trained by former Supermotard world champion Thierry Van Den Bosch, the Team’s riding trainer and sports coach for over 5 years.

Currently 7th in the prestigious American Supercross Championship on the West Coast, Anthony Bourdon will be well-prepared to start the French Supercross Championship in the premier class in June. Runner-up in last year’s French SX 450 championship with Bud Racing, he is aiming for the title in 2024. He will also be representing the team and its sponsors at various international events throughout the year.

As for the World Supercross Championship, where the Bud Racing Kawasaki Team is one of ten teams selected by the promoter, the team line-up and calendar will be made official in a few weeks’ time.

Team Bud Racing Kawasaki will kick off the season this weekend with the opening round of the French Motocross Championship at Lacapelle Marival.

Stéphane Dassé: “We can’t wait to start the season. The riders had a great winter, starting earlier than the other years, so that they could be at 100% right from the start of the season. Thierry and I are delighted with their commitment and their state of mind. Mathis has integrated well into the team and the whole team is working in the same direction. As for Benjamin, he’s really keen to show that he can ride in front in Europe in his second year away from his homeland. It’s going to be a long season for our two youngsters, with over 20 races between the French and European championships, starting this weekend with the opening of the French Elite Championship. As for Anthony, he’s having a superb Supercross season in the USA, and will continue to learn there before returning to France for the SX season.

Mathis Valin winner on the beach at the Touquet

As every year the Touquet Enduropale was succesful with more than 2700 riders, and team Bud Racing Kawasaki was involved in the race with Mathis Valin who raced the junior class. As did in the past Dylan Ferrandis and Quentin Prugnières, Mathis won the event for his first race in the 250 class.

Main event in the calendar of the French Sand series, the Enduropale was the first race of Mathis on a 250 and the result confirmed that he feels comfortable on the 250 Kawasaki. Despite a bad position behind the starting gate due to his #188, Mathis was sixth after the opening lap and gained a few positions during the first laps. He closed the gap with the leaders lap after lap, and came second after the ninth of twenty-one laps; three laps later he took the lead and made a gap to cross the finish line with a thirty-eight seconds advantage.

Mathis Valin: “I was far on the grid with my number 188, completely outside and I wanted to start quickly to follow the leaders, but in the first part of the race I had some trouble to pass some amateur riders. It took me a few laps to find my marks on the track, I was not very comfortable in the waves. When I was told that I reduced the gap with the leaders after a few laps I felt more relax; I came back second, we made a quick refueling – congrats to the mechanics – and once leading I made a little gap on Knuiman. I stayed calm despite a little crash during the race, and I had fun here. It’s great to start the season on a victory!

Stéphane Dasse: “We are happy with this victory, and super happy for Mathis. This winter we discovered a simple boy, easy to get along with, hard worker, everyone appreciates his attitude and the relationship within the team, whether it is the mechanics or his teammate Benjamin Garib, is very good. We took him training in the United States, in Spain, in Sardinia, we try to provide everything so that our riders can train in good conditions because they both deserve it. Le Touquet is an important race for us and for Kawasaki, so we are delighted with this great start of the season.

French Supercross Championship: Anthony Bourdon vice champion SX1

Back from the World Championship final in Australia, Anthony Bourdon and the Bud Racing Kawasaki team headed for Lyon for the SX Tour final. The final saw Anthony climb the podium twice, to claim the runner-up spot in the SX1 class.

Back on his 450 Kawasaki after racing in Paris and Melbourne in the 250 class, Anthony quickly found his feet in the cauldron that is Lyon’s Palais des Sports. In contention for the final championship podium prior to this final, Anthony scored precious points on Friday evening when he climbed onto the second step of the podium after a fierce wheel-to-wheel battle with the new French champion. All the signs were green, until a collision at the start of Saturday’s final sent Anthony crashing to the ground! After starting last with Greg Aranda, the two crashed again in their comeback and set the stadium crazy with a superb comeback to the front, with Anthony taking third place in the final corner just 5 seconds from victory.

With 7 podium finishes in the 8 races contested in the premier class of the French supercross championship, Anthony has put in a very fine season to place his Kawasaki and all the sponsors he represents on the championship’s second final step.


The grand finale of the 2023 Supercross World Championship took place in Melbourne Australia on Saturday, November 25. In front of more than 30,000 spectators, on a track conducive to fierce battles in both the 250 and 450 classes, the Bud Racing team riders played the consistency card to end their international season on a high note.
In the SX2 class, Anthony Bourdon enjoyed a solid evening, finishing 7th and 8th in the races. The good news is that Anthony proved he has the speed to be a front-runner, stepping up his game throughout the season. As is often the case, it’s his starts that are preventing him from doing better. He finished 7th overall in Australia and 8th in the final championship standings.

Fighting spirit
Adrien Escoffier, who was also handicapped by poor grid starts, gave his all to come back in 14th, 9th and 12th place in SX2. His fighting spirit in spite of a complicated start to the heats enabled him to finish 12th overall. In the championship, he finished one place better, in 11th position, despite a “blank” round in Cardiff which prevented him from entering the top 10.

In the SX1 category, Cédric Soubeyras got off to some good starts throughout the evening, finding himself in the right spot on three occasions. He had a fine evening, finishing 6th, 7th and 9th in the races, finishing not only 7th overall but also 7th in the World Championship in the 450 class.

With his pace improving session after session, Justin Hill finished 12th, 9th and 8th in his heats to finish 10th in the event. In the championship, he finished 5th in the provisional standings after Abu Dhabi, a successful gamble for Justin, who retained this 5th position after the final round. With hard work, positivity and good humour the watchwords of this end-of-season review, the Bud team thanks its partners and congratulates all its riders.

Anthony Bourdon: “I’m ending this World Supercross Championship on a high note. It’s not quite the result I’d hoped for, but it’s not bad. The speed is there. Now I’ve got to improve my starts to get to the front. Thanks to Bud Racing for believing in me in this new category. It’s a pleasure to work with a smile on my face alongside this always cheerful team.

Adrien Escoffier: “My poor qualifying throughout the year is a huge handicap for the evening rounds. It’s a big point to work on if we’re to hope for better results. My withdrawal from the very 1st round of the championship also prevents me from finishing in the top 8. You have to learn to take the positives out of each event, and the WSX experience remains incredible, both humanly and from a sporting point of view. I’d like to thank Bud Racing for giving me this opportunity for the 2nd year in a row. It’s a real pleasure to work with this motivated team, which instils good humour. These are unforgettable moments of sharing.

Cédric Soubeyras: “I’m pleased with my performance in the last two rounds. I finished 7th in the championship, which isn’t too bad considering the first round I missed. I’ve had a great year with the Bud Racing team and I hope to be back for another year, because I love introducing people from all over the world to my sport“.

Justin Hill: “Keeping my 5th place overall in the championship was my goal this weekend and it’s achieved. It was my first year in the WSX championship and I really enjoyed traveling the world while doing my passion and my job. I’d like to thank the Bud Racing Kawasaki team for all their hard work this season.