Brian HSU out for Valkenswaard / First win for Pierre Goupillon in Sommieres

After a long and serious winter time where the Team and riders have worked hard to be ready for the 2018 Racing season, our MX2 rider Brian HSU had a small crash during training in Italy few days ago where his shoulder became dislocated !

The shoulder came back in place immediately but the pain is too high to race this week-end in Valkenswaard and Brian will have to make more exams during the week to know exactly what must be done and the delay to recover and come back to racing.

We were expecting a lot from Brian HSU “the Violin rider” for our return to MX2 GP racing this season and the whole team is pretty disappointed.

However, the 2 other young Team members Brian MOREAU 225 “EMX125 champion 2017” and the new recruit Pierre Goupillon 720 who will race the full EMX250 European championship starting from Red Sand MXGP in Spain next week are super motivated and will already participate to the First round of the French Elite MX championship this week-end.

Both riders did very well yesterday during the MX International of Sommieres France with a 250 overall win for Pierre Goupillon and a 5th place for Brian Moreau for his first race on the 250 bike.
Thank you for your support and we will give you some more news as soon as we know more from Brian HSU’s shoulder.

Monster Bud Racing Kawasaki focus in the MX2 class

Involved this season with five riders in three different classes, team Monster Energy Bud Racing Kawasaki will focus next year on the MX2 class with three young and talented riders. Frenchman Pierre Goupillon and German Brian Hsu will join Brian Moreau, who will enter his fifth season with the team.

Reigning 125 European champion, Brian Moreau (who will turn 16 begin of next year) already entered some races in the MX2 class, scoring a fourth position in a French Supercross (Tours) and a win in a Beach Race (Junior class in Hossegor) on the new KX250F Kawasaki developed by Bud Racing. Familiar with the team as he joined them five years ago to compete in the 85 and 125 class, Brian will have two new team mates next season. On the podium of the 125 European championship in 2016 Pierre Goupillon (18 years old) will continue to work with Yves Demaria, and for his second season in the MX2 class he will be looking for podiums in the European and French championships. Newcomer in the team Brian Hsu (19 years old) will line up in the 15 European rounds of the MX2 World championship; Brian won everything in the ‘smaller classes’ with a 85 World title in 2012, a European and a World title in the 125 class in 2014, and he knows that next season – his second one in the MX2 class – will be important for him. All the riders are already training, working and testing, and they will enter their first race of the season mid February in Lacapelle Marival (France), one of the main pre season event.

Stéphane Dasse: “Next season we’ll focus on the 250 class, always with young hopefuls as the average age of our riders is under 18! The main change for us will be a come back in the MX2 World Championship with Brian Hsu, who will enter the 15 European rounds of the series; it’s a first step, as maybe we’ll be back full time in the World Championship in 2019. We’ll have two riders in the European MX2 series, Brian Moreau and Pierre Goupillon, and our three riders will also enter the French championship. I’m sure that there will be a strong team spirit between those three super talented kids, and for sure Brian Hsu who has more experience will be a reference for his team mates; he’s only 19 years old and we both enter a nice challenge as we want his career to rebound with us. He will be a good mate for Brian (Moreau) and Pierre, and working together the three riders can only be stronger including Brian (Hsu) who was working mainly alone with his family until now. Those three kids have a good spirit, are talented, and we’re sure they have a huge potential. We won’t race in the US next year, the plan was to line up Brian Hsu in some events but he had to recover from a shoulder injury and as we have no pressure from our partners it was better for him to rest and prepare next season.


Brian Moreau ends the season with a win in Hossegor

For the Monster Energy Bud Racing Kawasaki Team, the ‘Beach Race’ in Hossegor had a special taste as the 4th round of the French Beach Races series was organised just a few kilometres from the Bud shop. And by winning the Junior class for his last race this season, Brian Moreau offered a nice trophy to the team.

Never this season team Bud Racing met so many fans, as a lot of people came to visit the shop on Friday evening to share some nice time with the team staff and riders. Just a few hours after this party, Brian Moreau was behind the starting gate of the Junior race, for a 90 minutes race on the beach of Hossegor. After his crash at the Paris Supercross Brian was forced to rest during two weeks, and was just back training earlier this week. But it was enough to recover, as he took the lead of the race after three laps and just lost the leadership during a few laps when he stopped to refuel (3 times) and later when he crashed (3 times also!). Ten minutes before the end of the race he took for the last time the advantage and crossed the finish line nearly three minutes ahead of his closest rival! Racing for the first time in his career such a long race, Brian ended the season with a strong success and offers to the team his first win in it’s ‘home race’.

Brian Moreau: “When I came back on the bike this week I didn’t really know what to expect, but the feeling and the speed were OK so Stephane (Dassé) tell me that I could race in Hossegor. I know the beach as I walked there in summer time, but I didn’t know how the racing would be with the usual riders of this Beach series; finally it was a good race for me, event if I crashed three times and felt tired when the race was finished. It’s very nice to win here as there were many friends and partners, it’s nice also for the team and for sure it will be easier to go back training after a win!