SX Tour & Prince of Paris 2017 champion Yannis IRSUTI to race SX season

Team BUD Racing Monster energy Kawasaki is very happy to announce that the 2017 SX Tour & Prince of Paris champion Yannis IRSUTI will join the team for the full European Supercross season.

Yannis will race entirely the 2 most famous Supercross series in Europe and also the biggest Euro SX international races like Paris, Geneva…. Winner of the SX Tour title & Prince of Paris in 2017, Yannis will fight to keep his title and represent the Team brightly during the SX events. One of the series who will be competed by Yannis will be fully TV scheduled (Hexis cup SX) and every events will be on TV with good coverage.

As the MXGP series and the French Elite Motocross championships only finish end of September, it’s good for the Team to have a SX only rider to represent us during the full Supercross Euro championships who start middle of June in the big Rugby stadium of Clermont Ferrand (France) and who will continue through the year to finish in December with Geneva SX. Later in the season and after the MX series will be finished, Brian Moreau will join Yannis in SX for Paris, Geneva and few selected races.