SX Tour & Prince of Paris 2017 champion Yannis IRSUTI to race SX season

Team BUD Racing Monster energy Kawasaki is very happy to announce that the 2017 SX Tour & Prince of Paris champion Yannis IRSUTI will join the team for the full European Supercross season.

Yannis will race entirely the 2 most famous Supercross series in Europe and also the biggest Euro SX international races like Paris, Geneva…. Winner of the SX Tour title & Prince of Paris in 2017, Yannis will fight to keep his title and represent the Team brightly during the SX events. One of the series who will be competed by Yannis will be fully TV scheduled (Hexis cup SX) and every events will be on TV with good coverage.

As the MXGP series and the French Elite Motocross championships only finish end of September, it’s good for the Team to have a SX only rider to represent us during the full Supercross Euro championships who start middle of June in the big Rugby stadium of Clermont Ferrand (France) and who will continue through the year to finish in December with Geneva SX. Later in the season and after the MX series will be finished, Brian Moreau will join Yannis in SX for Paris, Geneva and few selected races.


A podium result for a come back

Team Monster energy Bud Racing Kawasaki was in Tours this weekend, involved in the last round of the PRO Hexis Supercross. Alongside Brian Moreau who already race a SX in Montpellier, the team was pleased to line up Benoit Paturel, who was a few years younger with this come back with the Bud boys! Racing the winter SX with the team, the #5 in the last World MX2 was also back in Supercross with success as he ends his night on the third step of the podium, tight in the points with Brian!

The team had a very good day in Tours, for an event considered for them as a good training before the Paris SX as none of the riders raced the previous rounds of this series. Moving to SX after a long MX season both Brian and Benoit need to practice and race, and there was no better meeting than this one with three heats in each class. Both riders felt more comfortable through the night, and in the third and last heat Ben and Brian were able to fight for the podium with the stronger French SX riders.

Fourth in the timed practice period, Brian got his best result in the first race, as he didn’t do any mistake while many riders crashed; fifth in the first lap, Brian got a great second position in this heat. Sixth and fifth in the other races, the youngest rider of the class finished fourth overall, with the same points as Ben. Fifth in the practice session, Benoit was faster each time he went on the track; even if didn’t do any Supercross since Lyon 2014 (an event that he won on a Bud Kawasaki!) Ben was fighting in the top three of all the races but twice made a little mistake. Sixth and fifth, he didn’t get a good start in the last race (7th) but came back third right behind the winner! Third overall, Benoit will be in two weeks’ time in Paris, where Bud Racing may line up one extra riders alongside Ben and Brian.

Benoit Paturel: “I didn’t race any SX since four years, and just ride a few times since my injury before coming here but everything wen well and I felt more and more comfortable, which is very good for Paris SX. It was a great experience as I need to ride to keep my level, and thanks to Bud Racing I can enjoy racing some Supercross. I’ve fun, mentally it’s good to be back racing and this podium is a nice reward for all of us.”

Brian Moreau: “It was a good evening, for my second SX this year. In the first race I was lucky as many riders crashed, and I felt better and faster in each race as I didn’t suffer arm pumped. In the third race we had a nice battle, and it was great to finish so close from the leader; it’s cool to see that more I ride, better I am in Supercross.”